Archivist Quill Book Scanner (Complete Kit)

Archivist Quill Book Scanner (Complete Kit)

Built from aluminum, steel, and plastic, the Archivist Quill complete kit provides a high quality book scanning appliance. The base is designed to provide an ideal photographic environment for scanning books. A pair of Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 (IXUS 175) cameras capture 20 MP photographs. The system is controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3 mounted to a Raspberry Pi display running Pi Scan.

The Archivist Quill maximizes the quality of the images while minimizing the need for post-processing heuristics like dewarping which are often failure-prone. A V-shaped cradle and platen system presses the pages flat against glass while being gentle on book spines. High quality LEDs provide bright and even light from above. The geometry of the camera and lights is designed to remove nearly all glare. Potentially reflective surfaces on the machine are black to avoid lighting artifacts.

High quality book scanning no longer requires the resources of a corporation or large institution. The Archivist Quill is cheap enough that individuals and small organizations can afford it. And it is compact and light enough to be shipped easily anywhere in the world.


  • DIY kit using T-Slot and V-Slot aluminum beams screwed together with metal and plastic plates.
  • A bolt-together design and detailed photographic assembly manual make it easy to assemble.
  • A novice can scan hundreds of pages per hour
  • With experience, an operator can scan over a thousand pages per hour
  • Allows scanning of large books up to 300 mm (11.8 in) x 400 mm (15.75 in) in size

Included Electronics

  • Two Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 cameras with AC adapters
  • Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Display
  • Includes SD Card Reader and 16GB high speed SD card to use for external storage
  • Pi Scan controller software
  • SD Cards, USB cables, Enclosure, Mounting hardware

Foot Pedal Option

An optional foot pedal ($50 extra) can be used to trigger captures if you prefer to scan while seated. The foot pedal we provide is a solid industrial-grade cast zinc pedal. For more information about the foot pedal and photographs, take a look at the user manual.

More Information

Kits shipped inside of the US will contain Lithium Ion batteries in addition to AC adapters. Kits shipped outside of the US will include only AC adapters. When checking out, please select which AC plug type is required for your local grid.

Please see the user manual for information about assembling and using your scanner. For problems or other issues with your scanner, contact

$ 1,800.00