Chrysalis 3d Printer Enclosure Kit

Chrysalis 3d Printer Enclosure Kit

While working on internal prototyping, we found that we needed an enclosure for our Lulzbot TAZ 6 3d Printer. This enclosure is the result. With an aluminum frame and a sturdy ABS skin, it keeps the working envelope warm while allowing the electronics to stay cool.

Enclosures serve many purposes for 3d Printers. They keep the print warm to reduce the possibility of warping. They allow for improved ventilation during printing. And enclosures can help prevent accidental interference with the print which might ruin the print or cause injury.

This enclosure is designed to work with the Lulzbot TAZ 6, but we are not affiliated with Lulzbot or Aleph Objects in any way.

Kit Features

  • Bolt together aluminum-framed design allows assembly with no special tools
  • Two-piece construction and handle covers make this portable and easily moved
  • The electronics stay cool while the working envelope stays warm
  • Easily modifiable and expandable
  • Designed specifically for the TAZ 6, it fits like a glove
  • No special attachment is required. Both sides of the enclosure sit on the table alongside the 3d Printer
  • Shipping in the USA is included for no extra fee

The project page contains more information, assembly instructions, and design files.

$ 250.00