Industrial Foot Pedal

Industrial Foot Pedal

For long book scanning sessions, a foot pedal trigger can reduce fatigue. It lets you sit down while you scan and trigger the cameras without fiddling with a mouse or reaching up to the touch screen. This industrial foot pedal is 'medium duty', which is more than sufficient for a quiet library floor.

  • Rugged construction of cast zinc (an accidental drop test of my evaluation foot pedal onto concrete caused only a couple of scratches)
  • Includes mounting holes and weighs more than 1 kg. This pedal will stay where you put it
  • You can rest your foot on the pedal without accidentally triggering it
  • 5 meter cable

Important: This foot pedal connects to the GPIO pins on your Raspberry Pi. It will only work in conjunction with Pi Scan 1.0. If you have been using Spreads to scan books or an earlier version of Pi Scan, you will need to upgrade if you want this to work. Contact if you have any questions about how to upgrade.

I provide custom enclosures that let you mount your Raspberry Pi to your Archivist Quill and which also provide a way to easily plug in and mount the foot pedal connector.

  • The Archivist Quill Complete kit comes with an enclosure suited for the foot pedal. If you bought a complete kit already or plan on making your own enclosure, choose the No Enclosure variant.
  • Otherwise, if you are planning on mounting your Raspberry Pi to an official Raspberry Pi Touch Screen, choose the Touch Screen variant.
  • Or if you are planning on using your Raspberry Pi with an ordinary monitor, choose the External Monitor variant.


For more information about how to install this pedal, see the Archivist Quill Guide.

$ 50.00